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The home that we’re living in now was my husband’s childhood home – so there was a lot of integrating to be done with a home that’s 70-something years old! For instance, his mother had beautiful drapes that she had gotten through the Blind Side many years ago. We said to Diane, ‘We love these drapes, but gosh, there’s so much’ – so she said ‘No problem! We’ll design the whole room around those drapes that you love.’ We turned [the room with the drapes] into a billiard room.

We really appreciate that she’s willing to integrate new designs with existing favorite pieces. My husband is creative and artistic in his own right, and Diane is our go-to person. Having that person who can work with both of us and be a tie for big decisions. She can find a way where he is happy and I am happy – a middle-of-the-road for two differing opinions.

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